GUIDE - How do you take care of your brushes?

GUIDE - How do you take care of your brushes?
Acrylic paint dries very quickly. To prolong the life of the brushes, it is extremely important that:

  • You make sure the brushes are moist at all times while painting.
  • Make sure to rinse any remaining paint off your brushes before putting them away.
  • When you change color, or change to another brush, remove excess paint with a paper towel or similar and rinse the brushes thoroughly and then lay the wet brush flat until you need to use it again.
  • You clean the brushes as soon as you have finished using them.
  • Do not let acrylic paint dry on brushes
  • Be quick
Do not wait for the paint to dry before cleaning your brushes. Act quickly and focus on preventing damage. As an artist, brushes are your tools. You need to take good care of them so they are able to do their job.

By cleaning your brushes thoroughly, you extend their life.

NOTE! Acrylic paint can be easily washed with soap and water while wet, but when dry, it becomes extremely difficult to remove. Allowing it to dry on the brushes can ruin them